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I am your podcast host and producer for Women Over 50. Sage & August.

Let's keep this informal ... just call me Melissa.


Now, let's dissect the title of our podcast to offer some clarity.


The "Women Over 50" part of our title is obvious. This is our audience. Women over 50 - fearless women over 50, to be more precise.  An amazing thing happens to a woman at 50. She has nothing left to prove -- to anyone. She is confident and empowered. She doesn’t worry about what the world thinks of her, she finally sees what is hers for the taking because the fear of failure is gone – she has crushed it like a stink bug and discovered that the foul smell is fleeting. When she strips away fear of failure and acceptance, that’s when she becomes interesting, right? Truly herself, unapologetically she becomes who she is truly meant to be.


Why Sage?

To call someone sage or “a sage” in ancient Greek philosophy means they have attained notable wisdom and can serve as a mentor, an adviser, and a counselor. In the spiritual realm, sage represents, and often the spice itself, is said to bring cleansing and clarity and enhance intuition.

Why August?

It’s not the beginning of summer, but not quite the end. You breathe in that warm, humid air flowing just slightly in the southern breeze while you reflect on last spring when you were so consumed with the world around you that you didn’t notice the vibrant blossoms or the fragrant buds. You now appreciate the late blooms and those delicate petals that have been battered by the wind but are still hanging on – you finally see them, you finally take a whiff of the subtle, almost fading scent. You know there is much life left in you both and you begin to live like winter is never coming.

You, my friend, are Sage & August and I want to hear your story …

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Dr. Melissa Newman

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