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Pastor Janice Odom Answers the Call at 50

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Janice Odom, from Point Pleasant, West Virginia, is the pastor at Beech Hill United Methodist Church. Janice answered her call to ministry at the age of 50, after having been a candidate for ministry 24 years ago and deciding to take a different path, but as she puts it “the call never left.”

Prior to her work in the ministry, Pastor Odom was an integral part of many economic support and diversification projects in eastern Kentucky. Her consulting company supported small business owners with planning and implementing social media and advertising campaigns, as well as connecting platforms to establish and operate business appointments and bookings. Janice also specialized in event planning for her clients as it pertained to tourism.

Janice was the president of the Kentucky Entrepreneurs’ Alliance, dedicated to demonstrating to entrepreneurs and would-be small businesses owners, the value of connecting with one another to share resources.

Janice is also the creator of “Kinfolk Said,” a storytelling theater that collects community stories and creates powerful plays, which are then acted out by local community players.

She is a graduate of the University of Indianapolis with an English major that includes a pre-theology concentration; and Janice is also a graduate of the Emory University Candler School of Theology, a pastoral ministry licensing school.

Among her many other accomplishments, which include being a past president for the Red River Gorge Train Town Corporation and a board member for the East Kentucky Leadership foundation, Janice was the 2016 Democratic candidate for Kentucky’s District 21 State Senate race.

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