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Tonda Holmes-Bogan, Near Death Changes Everything

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Podcast: Sept. 19, 2020: Tonda Holmes-Bogan, from Lawrenceville, Georgia, is a proud Army brat who has

been married for almost 25 years to her best friend. She is the mother to three beautiful and powerful women and grandma to several grandchildren, who she adores.

In August of 2008, Tonda went into Sudden Cardiac Arrest. She had a near death experience that has forever changed her. She was saved by a paramedic. She could not be more thankful to be alive and. Since then has become a fan of gratitude, prayer, and the power of living life to the fullest.

Last year with encouragement from family and friends, Tonda recorded some YouTube videos on a new program called “Momma Tonda.” Her program responds to issues from everyday life that she explains can best be met with kindness and love. She is a woman with a lot to say.

Tonda’s philosophy for life comes from Mary Kay Ash, American Businesswoman, and founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics: “Every person is special.” Tonda sincerely believes and lives this quote. “Everyone wants to feel good about themselves, but to me it is just as important to make others feel the same way. Whenever I meet people, I try to imagine them wearing an invisible sign that says: ‘Make Me Feel Important!’ I respond to this sign immediately, and it works wonders.”

Tonda has been in the hospitality business most of her life and enjoys the excitement of meeting new people every day, while learning more about frequent guests and their families.

Tonda has a strong passion for cooking and creating in the kitchen and she often brings goodies to work or to celebrate with family and friends with a new recipe.

Tonda recently adopted a shelter dog and has bird feeders around her home to enjoy the colorful visitors.

You can find her YouTube videos at: "Momma Tonda"

Or simply search on YouTube for “Momma Tonda.”

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