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Barbara Bacon, Crystal Intuitive

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Podcast: Aug. 14, 2020: Owner of Crystal Crazy & Aura at Home

Crystal Crazy offers Barb’s expertise as a Crystal Intuitive and Aura at Home highlights her interior design services.

The two are combined to create extraordinary crystal and mineral fine decor and gifts.

Aura at Home also specializes in lighting and custom decor pieces, with commissioned designed services available.

Barb puts extra care and intention into selecting the crystals, which is what sets her shop apart. Crystal Crazy and Aura at Home has the largest and finest selection of gemstones, minerals, and fossils in the state of Kentucky. One session with Barb … one trip to her crystal barn, and you will leave with crystals and other minerals that speak to you and will change your life.

Barb is a Usui & Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Akashic Record Consultant, Crystal Intuitive, Crystalline Alchemist, Medium, professionally trained Interior Designer, Lighting Designer, Spiritual Coach & Reverend, and Wellness Facilitator.

Born in Peoria, Illinois in 1960, Barb was the youngest of four children. She attended interior design school at The Institute of Design in Chicago and has a degree in design. Barb started her first company before graduating and worked mostly in commercial design.

In 1985 Barb married her first and only husband and together they have four children, three living. In 1999, Barb and her family moved to Kentucky and shortly after she learned that she had very deep family roots in Kentucky, specifically in Lexington. Her love of history made finding this information fun and exciting.

In 2000, Barb experienced what she considers a mid-life crisis that lasted for about three years. During this time, her life was fraught with a series of events that truly broke her spirit. Ultimately, this would be the reason her life would take a turn toward a Spiritual path.

“I needed to heal from the inside out, not the reverse. I had no idea what that looked like, but I had faith that God did,” Barb said.

Her father-in-law, who she adored, died unexpectedly and three weeks later Barb was diagnosed with cancer.

“Having cancer was the turning point to my life … not in a bad way. Yes, it was terrifying and it robbed me of the innocence of my own morality, but I had been training for years, maybe lifetimes,” Barb said. “I had all the tools I needed to do it differently.”

When Barb finished her six months of chemotherapy and was truly feeling lost, she asked her husband, “So what do I do with my life now?” He told her, “Do what makes your heart sing … do what you love.”

“All in a flash I heard CRYSTALS really loud, so much so I said it out loud! CRYSTALS … what the hell?”

“My husband reserved a flight and rental car, and everything I was going to need and sent me on my way. So many emotions ran through my mind. For a really long time I had been holding my breath afraid I was going to die. But then after some time passed I had to make a decision and take my power back and shift my attention … it was time to get back into the game.

From 2005 to 2012, Barb began Reiki training and began collecting and working with crystals for personal use, and then with clients.

Barb is a Reiki Master teacher, certified Akashic Record consultant, she has an Allied Interior Designer Certification from the American Society of Interior Designers, she is an Industry Partner with the International Spa Association, a charter member of the ISPA Task Force, and a an ISPA member. Barb was interviewed for an article for ISPA magazine “A Higher Calling” and wrote a Reiki article published for ISPA in “Pulse Magazine.” Barb is also a former member of the Lexington Housing Foundation Board. Her service on this board gave her a chance to utilize her professional talents and work on local charity remodeling projects.

To check out Barb’s crystal collection, go to or call 859-629-0665. You can also follow Aura at Home on Facebook @auraathome and on Instagram @auraathome

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