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Kathryn Kauffman

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Lexington Kentucky's Psychic Medium and Paranormal Blogger

Kathryn is the talk show host of "Monday Night Live in Lexington," and is a keynote speaker as well as teacher and YouTuber.

Born on Midway Island in 1961, the isolation of the island was the perfect serene backdrop to foster natural psychic abilities already inherent in her family history.

With 2 Aunts that were well known Mediums in Graves county Kentucky, Kathryn grew up knowing that psychic abilities were an everyday occurrence. Assistance from Shirley Hoy in psychic ethics and proper conduct was valuable for Kathryn to navigate growing up different from other people. Shirley Hoy was the wife of Dr. David Hoy a very famous Psychic in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Dr. Hoy was the topic of a book titled “Super Psychic” The Incredible Dr. Hoy by John Godwin in 1974.

Kathryn went on to nursing school and spent 20 years as an ICU Nurse and nursing administrator.

In 2013 she left nursing to embrace her passion for teaching and helping people through her readings. Investigating the paranormal and phenomena of spirits since the 1980s, Kathryn has become one of the foremost authorities in Kentucky on the Paranormal.

She provides private readings, investigations and teaching. She also travels throughout the United States as a keynote speaker helping people understand and use their own natural abilities that exist in all humans.


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